Optional Services We Offer

Delivery and Pick-up Service - Call For Price

We have many great campgrounds in Northern California.  Please call us for delivery prices and availability.  The price of delivery includes full set-up of the travel trailer, and take down and pick-up, as well as tank evacuation.


Kitchen Kit

A kitchen kit stocks the trailer with some of the basic necessities from your home kitchen. Save time and space when packing for your vacation.

Kitchen Kit Rental Rates - $ 50.00 Per Vacation

Kitchen Kit Includes


Plates 4 Pasta Strainer 1
Bowls 4 Mixing Bowl 1
Cups 4 1 qt. Saucepan 1
Coffee Mugs 4 2 qt. Saucepan 1
Forks 4 5 qt. Stockpot 1
Spoons 4 7″ Fry Pan 1
Butter Knives 4 9.5″ Fry Pan 1
Steak Knives 4 Coffee Pot 1
Carving Knifes 4 Can Opener 1
Silicon Spatula 1 Wine Opener 1
Metal Spatula 1 Bottle Opener 1
Metal Spoon 1 Pot Holders 2
Metal Pasta Spoon 1 Paper Towels 1 Roll
Whisk 1 Dish Soap 4 oz
2 Cup Measuring Unit 1 Sponge 1



Prepaid Cleaning

Prepaid cleaning services are available upon request. When prepaid cleaning services are purchased we do not charge the a cleaning deposit.

Prepaid Cleaning - $ 75.00 Per Vacation

Waste Evacuation - $ 25.00 Per Vacation

You’re on vacation, let the staff at TowTally Camping do your dirty work.